Success Story part 1 – ARNDT Germany

Tools manufacturer Hans Arndt GmbH

We think it could be good idea to share a few lines of words about German manufacturer ARNDT.

Supplier of top-end tools as Allen keys, Hex keys, Ball ended keys, Star and Wrench keys, Screwdrivers and Impact drill bits and many more.

History of company

Let’s have a look back to the year 1965 where it all started.

The idea of setting up tools company sparkled in the Arndt family in small town Remscheid, North Rhine-Westphalia region in Germany. Mechanical engineering and toolmaking were and still are the main industries practised within the town.

Arndt family had been always close to manufacturing of goods. When tools demand in 70th had been rapidly growing in Germany, they responded by setting up company Hans Arndt GmbH in 1965.

Since then they had been producing a wide range of hand tools for household, workshop and factory specifications.

Present times

Despite the fact that ARNDT is small company with only a few employees, the production is running on high revs every day. Using latest technologies they are able to cover growing demand for quality tools Made in Germany around the world.

All products made are tested to high standards and conforms with EU norms. Company is proud member of Association of German Tool Manufacturers FWI.

We have been fortunate, that we can cooperate with them ever since and provide our customers top quality tools with German precision and high customer satisfaction.

Take a look into actual ARNDT range on our web.

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