How online shopping changed our lives and thinking

How online shopping changed our lives and thinking

We would be looking to comparison of online shopping versus in store shopping.

Most of you is regularly buying stuff online or at least occasionally from time to time.

Online market and marketplaces as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and many more are nowadays part of our daily lives.

But is it good for us to buy most of our needs? Just online?

Before we can try to answer this awkward question, we need to look into both variations.

As always there are a lot of pros and cons of online shopping to compare with high-street shopping. Let’s try to quickly analyse them.

Online shopping versus High-street shopping

Online shoppingHigh-street shopping
Time saving, no time spend to travel to shopBenefit of physical seeing and touching product
Money saving, no parking feesProduct is available straight away, no waiting time for delivery
Wider variety of productsNo risk of losing parcel during the transport
Cheaper, less costs involvedFace-to-face customer support
Dedicated customer supportEasier for returns and faulty products


So how we would answer the question above? Is really good for us to spend time for shopping only by doing online purchases?

The answer is definitely No, in our opinion.

Despite the fact, online buying has got a lot of pros, there are also hide cons.

The biggest disadvantage which we notice is the lack of social interaction with other human beings, which is natural to us and is necessary for our wellbeing. This could can led to later problems such as anxious behaviour, mental and even health issues as muscle problems because of less carrying groceries and product by self (according to Chartered Society of Physiotherapy)

Another disadvantage we consider is length of time spend when searching for right product. Because of wide range and different prices, we have to spend more time to pick the ‘right’ product to compare with single high-street store.

The best way is in general to keep balancing both.

Thank you for reading.